High volume metal stamping capabilities for virtually any product

All volumes, all different materials, all the time.

For more than two decades, Destiny Manufacturing has put its stamp on all kinds of parts, from seat belt components to solar hot water systems. Because we specialize in safety-critical components, our technologies serve a higher level of quality assurance. To better serve a variety of applications, we utilize both progressive stamping and fourslide stamping techniques. We work within a wide range of services from low to high volume metal stamping, which allows you the flexibility to achieve successful precision stamping results.

To provide an industry-leading quality process it must be comprehensive, making quality assurance a priority throughout every step of production. This reduces costly downtime and ensures a better result.

Destiny Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2015 certified and meets or exceeds all relevant quality standards. Quality assurance is built into each stage of our manufacturing, beginning at material receiving inspection. We utilize in-die sensing, in-process controls and many different inspection techniques. For many of our customers, we design and build 100% automated inspection cells to maximize accuracy and efficiency.

Month after month, we deliver millions of parts to all kinds of industries. We meet drop-dead deadlines for customers who measure inventory in hours, not days or weeks. Usually, we’re fulfilling these orders with safety-critical parts, everywhere from automotive to aerospace technology.

How do we do it?

Better planning. We use sophisticated computer systems for Materials Requirement Planning.

Better processes, far beyond the typical job shop. We apply a disciplined Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) approach, based on the tough demands of the automotive industry. We use Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to design out potential failures and dual source netting to ensure processes are stable before we launch them full-scale.

Better technology. We design and build application-specific technologies that can inspect 100% of the parts we manufacture and assemble. Then we bar code all products to speed them efficiently to customers. Ultimately, of course, it’s the skills of our people, including Six Sigma Black Belt Trained QA personnel, that deliver on The Destiny Manufacturing Standard.

Ask to see our monthly report cards from customers. They’re the best proof that Destiny Manufacturing Quality Assurance is more than a set of checkpoints—it’s a comprehensive approach to every job.

100% Automated Inspection

Destiny Manufacturing offers 100% automated inspection to check all customer-critical features prior to packaging. We design and build each cell custom for the part being inspected, utilizing robotics and automation. Many of these cells both inspect and pack the parts, never handled by a person before arriving to our customer.

Inspection & Testing Capabilities

With our list of inspection equipment, Destiny Manufacturing is able to control a wide range of unique specifications. Our equipment is maintained and certified on a regular basis to meet the most stringent quality standards.

  • CMM testing
  • Vision Systems
  • Roundness Testing
  • Balance Testing
  • Profile Inspection
  • Optical Comparators
  • Metallurgic Testing
  • Bearing push-out testing
  • Pulley test stands



Fourslide stamping

In-die tapping

Electronic tool and press monitoring

Plastic overmolding

Press Capacity 150 to 800 tons
Materials Ferrous and non-ferris
Tolerances .001″ (.025mm)
Applications Brackets
Flat springs
Mounting plates
Strain Reliefs
Additional Services Finishing: Cleaning, deburring, heat treating, plating
Assembly: Riveting, welding, tapping, staking
Prototype stamping